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Outside the Lecture Hall: Learning from Internship Experience at Propulo Consulting

By Charline Osborne

Aug 30, 2021

Four months ago, I joined Propulo Consulting as a Content Writer and Strategist Intern. Before joining the company, I did interview after an interview for jobs that didn’t quite fit my skill set as an English major interested in professional writing and editing. Propulo stood out to me due to the sheer amount of research and resources available on their website.

When asked why I wanted to work for Propulo during my interview, I jokingly answered, “Well, since you’re consulting other companies on the best way to do things, I assume this is a good place to work”. That statement has proven true. The Propulo team is very welcoming, supportive, and professional, not to mention knowledgeable. In just a short time, I’ve learned more about safety than I ever thought I would!

My supervisors were committed to seeing me succeed. I had scheduled 1:1 calls with the Chief Marketing Officer, KyoungHee Choi, who shared valuable marketing insights and helped me navigate my first venture into the professional world. Not only that, but Propulo’s CEO, Eric Michrowski, took time out of his schedule to support and review my work, as well as go over my monthly development plan. I’m grateful for both of them for going above and beyond my expectations for the role of “supervisor”. They invested time in me, shared expert advice, and took my interests and goals into consideration when assigning tasks, helping prepare me for my future career.

Another intern, Niki, also felt extremely supported throughout her internship, saying:

My time at Propulo Consulting as a Digital Marketing and Market Research Intern provided me countless opportunities to develop as a professional alongside a team of passionate and welcoming experts. Through this position, I was able to gain invaluable insights into the major elements of creative branding & marketing, research, and sales functions of the business development team in a B2B environment.

Throughout my four months, I felt supported by my supervisors who helped develop my technical skills but had genuine care for my professional development and growth. I am extremely grateful for having worked with such an amazing team of industry professionals who provided a chance to learn and grow not only from my successes but failures as well. My overall experience was an amazing one and I’m sad to see my time at Propulo Consulting come to an end.  

Niki Abdolwahabi

Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing at the University of Ottawa (Digital Marketing & Market Research Intern, May – Aug 2021)

During my internship, I learned and tried so many things, including copywriting, content strategy, and editing & publishing articles. Everything I worked on was directly related to my career ambitions. I got properly trained in copywriting and digital marketing, using quality online courses to enhance my skills. For example, SEO is a topic I knew nothing about prior to my internship. I went from having a vague sense of “complicated Internet stuff I’ll never understand” to knowing how to make posts rank. This knowledge will no doubt be valuable to me in an increasingly digital world.

I also learned a lot about soft skills. Preparing for 1:1s and presenting during team meetings gave me a taste of the professional work environment. Moreover, over the last couple of months, I took on the biggest project I have ever worked on and learned to push myself. These are experiences that I can take with me, no matter what direction my career goes in.      

The whole purpose of an internship is to gain valuable real-life work experience before graduating, but too often it’s viewed as simply something to put on your resumé. At Propulo, I was given the opportunity to gain important skills and really contribute to the company.

A previous intern, AlanaSophia, spoke about the impact working for Propulo had on her learning and future career: 

Working at Propulo as a Digital Marketing & Market Research Intern was an amazing and enriching experience. Although it was a virtual internship in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, the tight-knit international team fostered strong relationships that lasted beyond the four months. I learned from experts in the management consulting industry, B2B marketing techniques from field professionals and how to grow a business through the innovative business development team.

This was an experience that I will remember and take with me throughout my career. I am very lucky to have worked for such a fun and engaging team which allowed me to have had such a positive work and learning experience!

AlanaSophia Goldnau-Vogt

MBA Candidate at McMaster University (Digital Marketing & Market Research Intern, Jan – April 2021)

Interns are famously known for making Starbucks runs and filing paperwork. Propulo didn’t follow this trend and gave me important, relevant tasks that allowed me to grow while contributing to the company (and not only because shipping morning coffee through FedEx isn’t practical). Overall, I’m extremely grateful I was given this opportunity, as I’ve learned many valuable lessons that I’ll take with me moving forward.

Thank you to the whole Propulo team for a great experience! If you’re a student looking to intern in a professional environment, I wouldn’t pass up this opportunity!

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